The Art of Akira Opening Weekend is Here!

And so, you now know why I've been so silent lately. It's finally here - the opening weekend of The Art of Akira Exhibit. It's been all I've cared about and worked on for weeks now (aside from my job over at Fark, of course).

First, I've redesigned the Art of Akira site - go check it out (you're likely seeing it right this second, in fact).

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Herald covered our opening weekend, and it's one heck of a great write-up. I read it this morning and I am not ashamed to admit, a tear came to my eye (okay, fine, more than one). This has been a long time coming. I've been actively working to make this upcoming weekend happen for more than three years now, and it's finally here.

AOLNews also let me cover my own event - and I'm so honored they did. 

It's my hope that everyone in the comics, animation, art and film industries sees these articles and gets interested. I hope everyone with an interest in the field gets to check out the exhibit. So help me spread the word!