Poll: "The Chair Game"

Okay, what would you do?

Regard the following chart, imagining that the numbered blocks are chairs:

You're in a doctor's office with your spouse. Your spouse is in chair 1, and you are in chair 2. Chair 3 is empty, chair 4 is filled, and other chairs are open in the lobby.

Your spouse gets up to use the restroom, leaving chair 1 vacant. A man who was at the reception window goes to sit in chair 1. Do you:

A) let him, knowing chair 3 is open and your spouse could take it when they return, or

B) tell the stranger that the chair is taken, and suggest another chair?

Part 2)

You're the spouse and return from the restroom to find your chair filled by a stranger. Do you:

A) ask the stranger to move or

B) sit in chair 3?

I'll tell you why and what happened later. First, I need to know if my answers are socially normal or alien.

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