Textually Explicit Conversations With Strangers

There was a little down-time between meetings while I was in Los Angeles yesterday. So I thought I'd strike up a little text conversation with my super dooper e-friend Melissa Oyler, illustrator, blogger and marathoner extraordinare. We'd recently exchanged numbers in preparation for a collaborative project we're discussing maybe trying at some point in the near future, and she's a great cure for boredom. So I figured what the hell.

(Please forgive the txtspk on her end. I refuse to use it, and I hate leaving it, but I don't want to edit it since this is how it happened)
Joe: Psssssst

Melissa: Really?

Joe: Totally

Melissa: That is nice to know

Joe: Thought you'd appreciate the tip.
A few minutes pass, and no response. That's not very Melissa-like at all. So I thought I'd ask the obvious question:
Joe: ...You have no idea who this is do you

Melissa: Nope, m or f?
That's funny. She apparently didn't put me in her phone. So what the hell, why not play a little game of 20 questions!
Joe: M

Melissa: What state?

Joe: Well That'd just give it away. But which one, where I am now, or where I live?

Melissa: Where U Live

Joe: Ga

Melissa: Dickey Betts

Joe: Uhhhhh no. 17 questions left

Melissa: Greg Allman?
Okay, now she's just messing with me.

Melissa: I was sensing Allman bros thru the whole conversation

Joe: It's hard to text an arpeggio. Glad you figured me out

Melissa: Im Quick on the uptake

Joe: Tis why I read your blog

Melissa: Tis? U must be an Irishman

Joe: 15/16ths

Melissa: U r Not in Ga Now i take it

Joe: Nope, Los Angeles. 13 left

Melissa: Business trip?

Joe: Yup

Melissa: Do you work for a software company

Joe: I guess you can say that. Wait - How many people in ga that read your blog do you know??

Melissa: Must be dozens

Joe: Wow, suddenly I feel soooo not awesome

Melissa: U Know that Im Humble and your still awesome

Joe: :( :( :( :(

Melissa: Did U & i Speak today

Joe: Nope. Except for this convo.

Melissa: Ok Im thinking u Texted the wrong number
Wow. Is she serious? How could she not figure me out by now?
Joe: Nope. Give up?

Melissa: Sad to say i do

Joe: Psssh, so disappointing. Joe peacock, the so not awesome, at your service

Melissa: How do we know each other
...Ooooh, boy. It's finally sunken in - this is not Melissa. From what I've gotten to know about her, she'd definitely give in by this point.
Joe: Uh oh, maybe I did text the wrong number. But more weird - you have a blog?

NOT Melissa:  No i Dont i Was playing along. But Im Interested in your blog

Joe: Joepeacock.com - you'll hate it it sucks.
Well, there we go. It definitely wasn't her. But hey, I made a new friend and a reader. HI NEW FRIEND (you know who you are). Thanks for curing my boredom in LA.