What I Did For Valentine's Day

This being my first ever celebrated V-day, I was nervous. I didn't want to be cheesy, so I specifically avoided chocolate, jewelry, stuffed bears and roses.

But flowers are a requsite, and Andrea's favorite so the first gift was enrolling her in the "Orchid of the Month" club. This was the first one:

I then prepared a dinner of butternut squash risotto, rare-greens salad with homemade balsalmic vinegarette, and pork tenderloin scaloppini with pesto-chevrie fillng.

I know, awesome right? Well, the kicker was dessert.

Back in November, Andrea had a business trip to Savannah, and at dinner one night, she called to tell me that she had the best dessert ever - a sweet potato creme brûlée.

I asked if it was better than my homemade cinnamon rolls, voted by just about everyone to be the best thing they've ever eaten. And she rulctantly said "yes."


The very next day, I began researching and learning everything one could possibly need or want to know about making creme brûlée. I worked my butt off, perfecting the custard and tweaking the sweet potato layer. I practiced torching the sugar multiple times yesterday afternoon on ramekins filled with vanilla pudding to get it right (and I swear, I will puke if j so much as look at vanilla pudding for the next month).

I am pleased to tell you that yesterday, my custards with sweet potato base layer came out perfectly:

And her verdict:

She moaned when she took the first bite, and said it was undoubtedly the best dessert she's ever had. She added that she knew, the night she told me I'd been beaten, that it was only a matter of time before I made this for her.

I'm not okay with being second best, not even with desserts. And if it means practicing for four month to win my crown back, so be it.