Playing Catch-Up and New Projects and Whatnot

So, as a LOT of you have noticed and emailed and tweeted and IM'd about, I've been a bit absent this January. There's some good reasons for that, but they're boring, so I'll go ahead and make one up that's far more interesting: I caught a virus that made me very sick, but when I went to the doctor, they found that it was a strain of a particular virus that actively cures rickets. So I've been off donating quarts of plasma to rickets sufferers.

That said, here's what's really been going on all month, all in one tasty digest that is serving merely as a stopgap between my next post, which is an INCREDIBLE announcement of my brand newest project that's eating my life, and my last post, arguably the most depressing thing I've posted in a while. I hope this helps the segue.

In no particular order, my activities, thoughts and reactions to January:

  • I ran a marathon. That's pretty intense.
  • Shortly after running the marathon, I became incredibly lazy. I've worked out maybe 5 days in the past 3 weeks. It's pathetic. But last week, Andrea and I made a pact to get back on the training regimen, because we have another marathon March 27, and we gotta be ready for it.
  • I guest-hosted PixelatedLive last week, as I do sometimes. And I was actually serious this time. If you want practical advice on surviving corporate culture, want to know why I love Mass Effect 2, or want an opinion (which has changed) on the potential of the iPad, listen.
  • Speaking of the iPad, I find it utterly useless for my needs, despite my original hopes. I wanted something that actually blended a laptop and an iPhone, not something that blended an iPhone with "larger". I do not thin the iPad sucks - in fact, I think it'll dominate the market for media consumption devices like the Kindle or Nook or portable DVD players. It's not meant for me, and I get that. That said, it's highly unlikely I'll own one, since everything I actually love my iPhone for (mobile push email, quick web browsing, and the apps) are already on my iPhone in a format that makes it easy to use and carry... With a camera on it.
  • No, I still haven't seen Avatar. But I have seen The Best Avatar Review Ever about 200 times, and can tell you it's one of the most genius productions to end up on YouTube:

  • I'm actually on a normal sleep schedule for the first time in months, and it's been amazing. I'm also finally past the effects of coming off all my supplements from the football training years, a subject which I have purposely been very quiet about as I lived through it - but I did chronicle everything, and there'll be a pretty heavy-duty blog post about it in the next few weeks. The delay is for two reasons: first, there's a lot to cover and it'll take a while to write, and second, it's a pretty sensitive subject with me, and I'm not quite ready to talk about it yet. But I will. I think it's important that people understand what can happen when you start hacking your body. The short version: Exactly what you want to happen... At a pretty big cost.
  • I have jury duty next week. That'll be a real treat. Expect LOTS of writing to occur as I sit around and wait for something to happen.
  • I completely reorganized my office. I love it. Here's a few pics of the final arrangement:

  • I have started playing Mass Effect 2 . It is, without a doubt, the most engrossing and engaging video game I've ever played. It's safely in my top 5 of all time, and I'm not even halfway through it. It's also the first game I've played since Mass Effect 1 that has demanded I keep playing way past my bedtime, and actually let me get lost and engrossed in it.
  • A project I've worked for, oh, 20 years to create is finally beginning to gain steam. It's my Next Big Thing. And it'll be announced tomorrow. Those of you on my Twitter and Facebook feeds have seen a little preview of it. If you're not reading those... Be jealous. Or, just jump on them and catch up, you slacker... Eh, fuck it. Here.
  • Another project I've had in mind for about 8 years (it actually inspired the Mentally Incontinent social editing project) is changing and adapting, and in a month or two, I'll be ready to announce it to all of you. In the meantime - are you an illustrator? Do you love comic books? Would you be interested in helping out or finding out more? Hit me up.
  • Yes, there's more books coming. But I really think the Mentally Incontinent days are over for me. Even though there may be more collections of my hijinks and nonsense in short-story form, the days of posting and editing and voting are over for me. The reason isn't because I don't like it - in fact, I LOVED it, and if it weren't for everyone helping me, coaching me, and directing me, there'd be exactly zero books today. But there's two now. And it's because everyone helped and made it rock. That said... Each book requires nearly five books' worth of material. And I just don't have another five books in me to create a third.

...I think that's about it. I'll try to be better at posting daily again, so I don't have to do these lame-ass catchup posts anymore.