Jury Duty - Day 2

9:35 AM:

Rough morning. I had both a cat and a dog get sick on me this morning, both due to eating a new cat food this morning (only one of which was SUPPOSED to eat it).

The cat chose to eject the food out the front end all over my sink, which required cleaning before I could brush my teeth or shave. The dog, however, ejected out the back end on my shoes - a fact I didn't realize until I picked one up to put it on. And I know it was the dog because of the evidence trail leading to his doggie bed, where he was laying.

So I showed up late to the judge's courtroom, where we are all now waiting to go in and find out if the lawyers actually had time to photocopy and read the stupid questionnaires that SOME OF US spent two goddamn hours filling out over our lunch breaks.

And oh, the looks I got when I showed up. Let's just say the baliff made sure everyone knows my name.

And now, as I sit here tryin to write this on my phone, a lady in my left and a guy on my right are taking turns trying to get to know me.

I didn't come here to make friends... Especially with some guy who smells like construction and a lady who keeps calling this thing an "a-i-phone" like its operating system is a HAL-9000.

Not kidding. Every single time she addresses the device she says "a-i-phone."

You know how I talked about losing my interest in MMA, not having the fire to hurt people anymore? Yeah, I may have spoke too soon.

11:35 AM:

...And now that I know the mentality and opinions of 12 strangers, lunch. Only 48 more of us to vet when we get back.

I. Hate. This.

3:50 PM:

Nearing the end of day two. Out of 60 jurors, 24 have been questioned. This shit is going to take all fucking week, and will likely end with me having sat on hard wood benches for a week for no good reason.

Oh, and one of the lawyers totally looks like Halle Berry. So at least there's that.