In Defense of Valentine's Day

So, long time readers of this blog (or those who braved the depths of the archives down there at the bottom of the page) probably know that I hate Valentine's Day.

But we are celebrating it this year. And believe it or not, it was my idea.

The end of 2009 brought with it the end of a LOT of things in my life, not the least of which being Mentally Incontinent, an 8 year project that culminated in two books and a ton of stress. Around December, a calvacade of events all merged and basically insisted on forcing Andrea and I to begin anew in 2010. And with that, it has been an amazing year so far.

A tremendous number of new outlooks came to me. I see the world much differently than I did before. And  a small part of that is seeing that Valentine's Day - while abused by many, many people to make up for being an inattentive jerk 364 days a year to their loved ones - doesn't HAVE to be just a day to make up for being inattentive to your loved ones 364 days out of the year. It can also simply be an excuse to go all out and do something you don't normally do.

Now, Andrea reads my blog, so I don't want to give anything away - but being my first ever Valentine's Day, I think I have a pretty good handle on what needs to happen. There are no corporate-made cards, no chocolates in a heart-shaped box, no teddy bears and no messages on candies.

There are, however, several hand-made expressions of my affection, be they writings, food or other construction. And I really, really hope they'll knock her socks off. I'm actually very nervous about it. Because I've made such a big deal out of hating this day for so long, I'm facing the dual anxieties of a) having gone back on a previously-held notion, and b) having never done this before.

So we'll see. But I thought you guys might get a kick out of the fact that I've finally come around and started doing this day.