I Don't Get ChatRoulette.

If you don't know what ChatRoulette is by now, you're probably going to agree with me here, because you're probably the type of person who just couldn't imagine why the thing is even remotely fun or useful. What was once a Reddit mainstay has become a playground for the MySpace set, and I just plain don't get it.

Okay, I "get" it, in terms of how it works. It's intuitive, and it does what it does pretty well. And I also understand why certain people would want to use it, much the same way I understand why certain people like the Greatful Dead or tapioca.

But I don't get why the hell anyone actually wants to do this. It seems akin to the modern version of those 1-900 or 976 dial-up party lines, where you spend far too much time hoping you get a hot chick, but 99 times out of 100, it's just a hairy or very young dude with his penis out under the desk hoping YOU'RE a hot chick. And if you DO get a hot chick, she bounces within two seconds.

And now, it's all over the news. And the main point of most, if not all, of mainstream media's coverage of the site is essentially "THERE'S A NEW INTERNET WEBSITE ON THE INTERNET THAT COULD LEAD TO EXPOSURE TO A PENIS OR VAGINA. HOW THIS WILL AFFECT YOUR WEEKEND, AT 11."

This is what happens when normal people get ahold of special things like the internet. It turns stupid.

I will say that I found this video that Jeremy sent me highly amusing, and it sums up 99.9% of the reason I won't spend much more than a second on any service even remotely like ChatRoulette: