So Far, Not The Last Decade is Going Great

I ripped my entire office apart down to the floorboards, emptied it, cleaned it, and moved things back in in a new order.

This is what it looks like so far:

The chair and the lamp on the left were Christmas presents to myself. I FINALLY own an Aeron at home - and in just one day, it's made a HUGE difference. I can sit comfortably for hours at a time and get work done without needing to get up and move around. My legs don't go numb. I sit higher at the desk, which means I can move the two top monitor stands back and actually sit OVER my Cintiq, so I can finally remove the hunk of wood I used to prop the back legs up and move the monitor more "vertical."

The lamp is a Herman Miller "Leaf" lamp, and it was a total spoil-myself purchase. I've wanted a cold-warm light lamp since I was a teenager, but back then, they were thousands of dollars. Now, I can finally afford one, and dammit, I own one.

Resetting my workspace has been HUGE for me. Before the reorg, I had stacks of Akira cels and books all over my office. It's one of those situations where you just don't realize the towers of disorganization that you are building around yourself until one day, you arrive home from being on the road and realize you can't even see the walls behind your desk due to the stacks of crap everywhere.

I've finally ordered bookshelves for my office as well, so I can move all my references up to a much more handy spot than all the way downstairs in the library.

All in all, the past three days have been - by all accounts - fantastic. I've started my year the best way possible, and kept the momentum rolling. Hopefully I'll be able to elaborate on my new projects with you tomorrow, but there's still some preparations that need to happen first. We'll see :)