A New Years Resolution - Positivity

Here's a thing that I'm doing (with Andrea) that I'm encouraging everyone to try this year:

I've a bad habit of making fun of myself. I make disparaging remarks about my physique, my lack of writing ability, how lame my book is compared to (insert writer here)'s book, etcetera. And while, yes, most of the time I'm just trying to get a laugh, it's also true that thought preceeds action.

So, from now on, before taking the pot-shot at myself, I'm going to try to say something positive instead. It may not be in the same vein, and sometimes it might not even be aloud or written. But I'm not going to allow myself to tear myself down anymore. It's not that I suffer horribly from a low self opinion, but like everyone, I do get down on myself a good bit. And I think that this is the first step toward not doing that (or at the very least, doing it less).

At first, it feels fake and silly. I can't really believe myself when I say the good stuff, because I know the whole point was to erase or redact the negativity. But I can tell you from experience, this DOES work - and I know it'll work again. I had to do this exercise when I was a youngster going through counseling for other stuff, and in a few months, it really did change my outlook on things - not the least of which was my own self.

So if you find yourself digging at yourself, especially in front of others, give this a try. But don't just give it a day or two and then shrug at how silly you feel. If you trust me, I encourage you to commit to it for at least two months. Sixty days, that is. And since you have to live through the next sixty days anyway, you might as well try doing it with a positive attitude - you'll end up two months older either way. Why not try a way that'll make you feel better?