A New Year's Reminder - The Rules of the Gym

My trip to the gym last night reminded me of one of the most popular posts I've ever written, explaining the rules of the gym. Click on that if you've never read it, or even if you have - I don't care. Just click on it. NOW.

It's still relevant. And, as far as I could tell from looking at all the idiots at the gym last night, it's not being shared by as many folks as it should be, which is everyone ever. So please, do me a huge favor - link the post everywhere. Print it out and post it at your gym. Rent a sky-writing plane and share it far and wide with everyone. Because with all the New Years Resolution folks at the gym, I saw at least 15 flagrant fouls in the first 10 minutes alone.

And as far as that goes, no, I do not hate or resent New Years Resolution people at the gym. I celebrate any and all opportunities for people to put a pin in a map and say "I want to be here." The people I resent are the ones who aren't showing up in February and beyond. Those are the folks who I wish would just decide to stop NOW and free up the treadmills for those of us who actually take ourselves and our wellbeing seriously.

Speaking on this point, here's a video by my friends DigiTribe that shows, in rather hilarious fashion, the exact progression of the type of people I'm talking about:

So yeah, PLEASE share the Rules of the Gym with everyone you know, even if they can't read. Because if you don't I'm going to end up killing them, and I sincerely doubt you want everyone you know to die.