I'm In "The Atlantan"

To continue the trend of talking about magazines covering me (hey, it's my blog, I can be as megalomaniacal as I want), I was told this morning by a friend of mine that I'm in the latest issue of The Atlantan magazine (skip to page 40-41 - thanks @Fallout30, http://twitter.com/Xavi7734/statuses/7560357017, and @Pride.

Now, this is interesting, because The Atlantan is basically an alt-weekly for the hoity-toity - a Creative Loafing for the well-to-do, with articles like "Which Designer Should I Use To Decorate My Piano Room?" and "How To Swim In Your Pool Made Of Cash When The Lifeguard Is On Break." So it's kinda strange for me to show up in their pages, especially as something called "The Biblio Bad Boy."

But hey, I'm there. So like, yeah. Not sure what to do with it, it's just a small blurb. But the great thing is that for the first time since the Creative Loafing article back in 2006, I'm actually being covered by my own city's rags.