Unintentionally Funny is the Best Funny

A good friend of mine's father started a golf product line a few years ago, and it's gaining some attention in places. I've only casually paid attention, as it is a) golf related and b) my friend's father, two things I don't regularly keep up on. But he showed me his father's soon-t0-air bit for his product line on Golf Shopping Network.

Now, I know jack shit about golf. I also know jack shit about golf products, and I know double jack shit about marketing golf stuff. So I had no idea there was even a such thing as the Golf Shopping Network, nor did I know you could film spots for it or sell product through it.

I only share it now with you because it was filmed weeks ago, long before any Tiger Woods crap became a national pasttime to follow, and there's one line in here about 2/3 of the way through (about 3:00) that had me snorting Coke Zero through my nostrils:

Asking this bleached blonde pseudo-actress if she has Tiger's number... Well, you may not find it as funny as I did. But I did. So whatever.