You know, of all the musical notes, I feel most sorry for "La."

I mean, think about it. Do is a deer - a female one, at that.

Re is a drop of golden sun. What note wouldn't want to be a drop of golden sun? I mean, golden suns put raisins into bran and make it tasty. They also make babies laugh while sexually ambiguous creatures in primary colors coo at the camera.

Mi, I call myself. And hey, let's face it, I'm a pretty big deal.

Fa is a long, LONG way to run. That's impressive shit right there.

So is a needle pulling thread. Functional. Useful. A blue-collar everyman. Does its job and is proud to do so.

And then we get to La. It's just a note to follow So. It does NOTHING ELSE but follows So around. And yes, while I respect the work ethic and can-do attitude of our worker note, I can't help but feel that anyone who followed it around would be at the very least misguided, and at worst completely retarded for sidekicking for a working stiff. It's boring.

I mean, La could at the very least hang out with Ti, which is a drink with jam and bread. Tasty, right? I mean, why the hell hang around with a seamstress all day when you could at least enjoy a tasty snack?

And sure, La rose to prominence in the mid-2000's when one of the Simpson girls (the one with the fucking massive nose which became the fucking hideously obvious plastic surgery mistake) made a song all about it. But really, what else does La have going for it?

Even if it did have other successes, it wouldn't actually make any use of them. It'd just follow So around and be its do-boy.