What I'm Thankful For

You know what I'm thankful for?

I'm supposed to say "you, the readers" because I have a blog, and that's what all the bloggers are doing this year -- superficial "OMG I LOVE YOU ALL ON A DAY WITH 'THANKS' IN THE NAME" bullshit posts. Fuck that shit. It's just as stupid as only letting people know you love them on Valentine's Day. I tell you guys all the time how thankful I am for you, so, like, fuck it and stuff.

No. What I'm thankful for is bacon motherfucking gravy.

Yes, really, that's it. That's all I'm thankful for today. And if you've ever tasted bacon gravy, you know exactly why. And if you haven't... Get off your ass and go make some. The recipe is in that hyperlink I took the time and effort to make up there. And once you do, it's all you'll be thankful for, too.

Fuck all that lovey dovey Publix commercial holiday family bullshit. BACON. MOTHERFUCKING. GRAVY.

End of file.