Preorder my book today, get a free 2nd autographed copy!

Tomorrow, my first ever major published book will be released by Penguin books.

Today, I asked the nice people who read my website and twitter and faceybooky thing and Fark to help me make a last-day splash on preorders. I wanted to ride a good momentum into the release date. And because I know a LOT of my readers were holding off until the book is out to get a signed copy, I have made an offer: Preorder my book today, email me the Amazon receipt and your address, and I'll send you a 2nd autographed copy, free (I'll also honor this for anyone who has already preordered the book).

Holy. Crap. You guys are so awesome!!!

***UPDATE 5:07pm ***

Can you guys believe I'm #2 in Humor again? I'm also #2 in Essays - I've beaten out two David Sedaris books!!!