A Goal Realized

So, I decided a few months ago that, by the end of Thanksgiving weekend, I wanted to weigh in at 260 lbs. As readers of this thing know, I've been hovering between 295lbs and 315lbs for quite a while - you have to weigh that much when you decide you want to go pushing gigantic guys around for a living.

But because I've moved on from the idea of playing pro football (since they cancelled the entire league the year I finally stood a chance), I really have no need to be that large and carry that weight. So, I turned to a new goal - I ran a half marathon Thanksgiving day, and I'll be running my first full marathon on January 7th. So, cutting weight is actually a really great goal.

But 260lbs (from 295lbs) in a month and a half a pretty aggressive goal (to do healthily, that is - I could crash diet, but that's really, really, really stupid). But through a program of diligent diet, continual training and just plain being stubborn, I'm proud to post the following, taken yesterday morning:

Go me.