Talk About Getting A Buzz... (Akira cel stuff)

As regular readers know, I'm kind of a fan of Akira. On occasion, I'll buy cels and artwork from the movie (if by "on occasion" you mean "the very second they go up for sale on any and all auction sites worldwide). And when an alert came up last night that four original cels from Akira appeared on eBay, I had to do a double-take.

Three of the four come from full sequence runs I acquired from a massive collection buy I made a while back. In fact, they're the only few that are missing from each of those scene cuts. So I knew I had to have them.

(folks who saw my webcast of the "Akira cel unboxing" a few weeks ago will recognize the Tetsuo On Throne, Kai vs. Tetsuo and Colonel vs Tetsuo cels as members of the cut stacks I was showing off. The bottom one with Masaru, Kiyoko and Takashi, I have several of - but not the entire cut).

I contacted the seller to find out if he'd consider selling all four in one auction using Buy It Now. We talked via instant messenger, and during the conversation, he mentioned he was a comic book artist. Being a huge comic book geek myself, I asked if I'd know his work from anywhere. Expecting him to tell me that he's done a few self-published pieces and perhaps a pin-up or two, I was absolutely blown away when it turned out that I was dealing with none other than Buzz.

I'll spare the fanboy drooling and rundown of his entire dossier, as you can easily click that link up there and figure it out yourself - except to say that my junior year of high school, I studied Vengence of Vampirella for nearly two months, trying to achieve some of the line thickness techniques he used. I have a good bit of his JSA material on my shelves downstairs. And here I am, haggling with him over IM over one of my big passions, Akira artwork.

It's just... I can't even tell you how amazing it was to not only score three pieces that fill HUGE holes in my collection, but to score them from one of my comic book influences from my youth. How great life can be sometimes...