Preorder My New Book, Darn It! (Updated!)

UPDATE: as of 12:15AM 9.14.09, I'm #5000(ish) on Amazon overall and #13 in Humor! I'm beating out Flying Spaghetti Monster and F My Life! That's INSANE!

UPDATE 2: as of 12:36PM 9.14.09, I'm at #1762 overall and #6 in Humor! WHAT THE HELL! This is so great... I don't deserve you guys. Seriously you all ROCK.

UPDATE 3: and now, it's 2:23PM 9.14.09 and were at #1148 and #5 in humor. I am seriously stunned.

UPDATE 4: ...holy shit. #3 in Humor on Amazon, #813 overall. Like... I don't even know what to say.

UPDATE 5: I have officially run out of ways to say "I don't know what to say." It's #2 in humor on Amazon now. All I can say is thank you everyone.

UPDATE 6: I bet you're sick of these. Anyway, hanging strong at #2 in Humor, but check it out: #646 overall, and #4 in both satire categories. THIS IS NUTS

So check this out: The new book is now available for presale on Amazon.com!

Isn't that rad?

So some other info:

The book comes out November 3, 2009. The official Book Release Party is going to be November 7, 2009 in Atlanta, with a location TBA. RSVPs can be made at the MI Facebook fan page or in the RSVP thread in the MI forums. I would LOVE to see you there!

There will be book signings through Christmas, then again starting in January next year. If you have a city you'd like me to come hang out in and be all authory, just contact me and let me know.

And lastly, new stories and a new redesign of MentallyIncontinent.com start next week. Be on the look out.

I love you.