U2 - Three (The Treasure In The Attic)

I've always been a U2 fan. I wouldn't put myself in the category of "obsessed," but I made it a point to see them every year they came to town since Achtung Baby (1991, the year I was finally allowed to go to concerts again after the famed "contact high" incident at the Black Crowes' "Shake Your Money Maker" tour when I was 12).

Now my wife? SHE'S obsessed. And it's because of her that we essentially toured the east coast in 2001 and 2002 to see U2 during the Elevation tour (which is pretty much a book's worth of stories all by itself). She owns one of The Edge's guitars, autographed by the band. She owns a fender from the Volkswagen Beetle that was suspended from the rafters during the Achtung Baby tour. She owns posters from every tour going back to Boy.

But her prized possession? One of the 1000 original 7" copies of "U2 - Three", the band's first ever release on CBS records. And it's prized not just because it's so rare, but because it was autographed by Bono and Adam Clayton personally.

More photos at the end of this post. And for the record, it was Bono who drew the glasses on the kid.

Now, Andrea and I have never gotten to meet anyone in U2, despite trying very, very hard. But my friend Mike, works (among other places) at the airport. As a result of his position, he has what is essentially an all-access pass to the entirety of Hartsfield Airport. And back in 2002, during U2's second stop in Atlanta on the Elevation tour, he stole Andrea's copy of Three off our wall, took it up to the runway where the Elevation jet was, and had Bono and Adam Clayton sign it especially to her.

We snuck it back on the wall to see if she'd notice. When I finally called her attention to it, I told her that I actually scribbled on it, trying my best to match the signatures from her guitar, in order to make the record more valuable. She was FURIOUS. But then Mike spilled the beans and produced a photo (which I wish to God I had) of Bono signing it. She broke down and cried and hugged him about 10,000 times.

And the reason I'm writing about it today is because, for nearly a year and a half, I've lived with the guilt that I might have accidentally thrown it out during our extenive remodling of the house.

I'd packed up all of our goodies and treasures that used to hang on the "gallery" wall before we turned it into our library, and I made absolutely sure to put the "U2 - Three" seperate from the rest of everything else to keep it safe. And somehow, I misplaced it. I thought all this time that I'd thrown it away with all the other papers and garbage we tossed from the conversion. It turns out, the safe place I hid it was a book that was rougly the same size, which then went up in the attic.

The past two months, I've been doing some remodling up in the attic (nothing really extensive, just putting flooring across the open rafters and installing new insulation). And every time I was up there, I began digging through boxes hoping I'd stubmle across it. Today, I just said "fuck it - I'm finding that record, or confirming I've thrown it out. I can't live with not knowing." And I poured through every single box that might have possibly come from the old gallery, until FINALLY I found that bastard.

Anyway, that was my Friday morning. How's yours?

Here's some more photos of the record: