Fuck Reading Rainbow

Okay, maybe "Fuck Reading Rainbow" is a bit harsh. I don't actually hate Reading Rainbow. I actually loved it as a kid.

AS A KID. Just like you did.

And just like you did, I haven' t even thought of Reading Rainbow in at least 20 years, with the notable exception of the Reading Rainbow / Star Trek The Next Generation episode that recently got popular again (about 2 or 3 years ago, I think). And I don't think I'm entirely off base stating that most parents these days don't show their children Reading Rainbow - they're all tied up with Yo Gabba Gabba and Thomas the Stupid Gender-Neutral Train and Baby Einstein and whatever. Even Pengu has gotten more popular in the US than Reading Rainbow is now.

So of course, PBS decides to axe it due to the fact that no one fucking watches it and they run on donations and can't afford to just let things air because someone liked the shit 20 years ago, and suddenly, there's massive internet movements to save it, because OMG it was the most important fucking show ever to air ever, despite the fact that it was completely out of our collective consciousness for years.

Seriously, people. Love something or don't. Loving in bursts is the most disgusting type of love, because it's not actually love. It's selfish. "I loved this as a kid, then gave it up. But you can't take it away even though it's a cashsink. Why? because I loved it, okay?"

Be consistent.