You Must WANT Spit In Your Drink

I'm at a Starbucks (and if you read my Twitspace or my Faceblah, you know why - what I don't get, AT&T provides internets to Starbucks, and it's up - but my home DSL is out. GOD I HATE AT&T). Anyway, I just saw this complete bitch in a Mercedes be unnecessarily rude to the girl serving her through the drive-thru window.

Now, plenty is known and has been said about why people feel entitled to be rude to the folks who serve them. These people are rude, horrible wretches who get their jollies by lording over others. They're completely pathetic, they have no control over their life and that's how they externally get a hold of things. They're soulless pieces of shit. So on and so forth. But the one thing I never actually got was the simple self-preservation aspect of it:

This person handing you a beverage, obscured by foam with a lid on it, is a few feet from being outside of your field of vision. They could easily spit into your drink. Why the hell would you provoke this? I mean, outside of the whole "just be a decent human to other humans" thing, why the hell would you willingly do this to yourself?

I used to wonder the same thing back when I did balloon animals in restaurants. Families would treat me like a king for entertaining little Johnny for 7 minutes by making a giraffe or a sword, while they sneered and demanded things from their server rudely. They'd tip me five bucks where they'd only tip 3 to the server, on bill of $50.00. It was so strange.

The worst I could do to them was pop the balloon in front of them or call them names. The server, however, had access to all sorts of nefarious shit and was completely out of view, so they could royally screw with your digestive process. Why choose that person to exercise your will over?

I don't get it. Why are people so gross to each other?