The Mystery Shipment... (Hint - Akira Cels)

...Has arrived! I don't really have what it takes to do a full blown "unboxing" for you, but here's a quick glimpse at what's made me the happiest boy in all the land (click on any image to see full-size):

What you are seeing here is roughly 1500, if not 2000 original cels, drawings, and backgrounds from the movie Akira. The scale is a bit wonky from this picture, so to give you a better perspective:

That bottom-left stack is about 9 inches high. The box near my doggie Haggis is almost a foot tall. There were 6 boxes like that, full of cels, along with one long box full of extremely-oversized background / book work, like the cel below:

This cel (well, cels, it's actually 4 overlapped to make one frame) is one of the first ones I pulled out of the stack. What's really neat about it is that for a while, I've owned a great image of Kaneda riding through the mob to go face Tetsuo:

My cel:

And now I have the entire sequence... Among several hundred others.

It's going to take months to pour through the shipment I just received. My collection before today was fairly respectable, and it just doubled, if not tripled in size. I think it's pretty safe to say that, with the possible exception of the best cel broker I've ever worked with, Nichibei Anime, I have the largest private collection of Akira production art in North America.

And yes, I'm a total Akira geek, and this acquisition (as well as the others) feed into that obsession of mine, but this whole thing is going to coalesce in a project I've been working on for a year or so, that will take shape and be announced in 2010 - a year before the 20th anniversary of the movie. More details as I work them out.