Kinda Back on Track... (Short Verison: First Book Buyers, Your Books Are Finally Here)

I've been at a severe disadvantage the past few days. As you already know, I'm without my laptop - which is where I do all of my 'social' whatever, IM and email and whatnot - I don't even keep IM or an email client installed on my desktop, so I can escape all that stuff when I need to hunker down and work. So it's been a hassle getting my desktop and my wife's laptop up to snuff so I can actually get back to work, and that's a good thing, because the computer guys called and said my issues are way bigger than just the hard drive and have shipped it up to Apple for repair.

It's bad when the Apple Certified Repair Center has to tap out and ship it to Apple proper.

But the good news is that things are finally moving along. The remnant stock of the first MI book has finally started to arrive (I can't believe how long that took!) so folks who bought copies of the first book during the fire sale, your stuff will FINALLY start shipping this week. It'll be somewhat slow, because my order tracking stuff is also on that laptop that died. But I have backups of everything, as does PayPal, so your order's safe.