An idea for a video series thing

Last night, I hopped on UStream and did an impromptu web show of the new Akira cels I acquired, as well as some of my older pieces, and people who saw it really seemed to enjoy it. I thought I was just going to show some nice cels and pretty artwork from a legendary animation, and I ended up talking for an hour about the history of the film, detailing the finer aspects of each cel, and why Akira is absolutely without question the most technically complex hand-made animation ever made.

And what occurred to me is that I happen to know a LOT about Akira. But I also happen to know a lot about all kinds of shit. I'm a collector of interesting things. I really enjoy finding the most obscure and rare components of everything I'm interested in - sneakers, transformers, famous designers, albums and artists... It's insane the crap I have in my home. And I started thinking, would anyone be interested in watching a series like that?

So would you? I realize without an example, it might be hard to judge, so maybe I'll do another episode on something else this week (unless people who missed the impromptu showing on Friday want a repeat performance).