Feels Like Work vs. Work

- Sketching 12 new faces for your new graphic novel character, Captain WolverSpiderBat, feels like work.

- Pencling panel 1 of page 1 is work.

- Making notes in that notebook you keep called "great novel ideas" about a particularly clever plot twist where the guy on the subway realizes he IS the voice in his own head feels like work.

- Writing the first word of the opening paragraph of page 1 is work.

- Jotting down clever domain names for that revolutionary social networking video twitter site you've got cooking in your head feels like work.

- Typing the HTML to start the page in your code editor of choice is work.

-Making a list of exercises you intend to do starting tomorrow, or later today, or even one minute from now feels like work

-Lifing a weight or doing a jumping jack or taking that first step on a one mile jog is work.

The difference between things that feel like work and things that are work is that, repeated over and over, work gets something done. Enough work stacked end to end will lead you to the end of something. Your item will exist. Your project will be completed. Your fitness will increase. So on and so forth.

Things that feel like work, done over and over, just keep piling up in preparation for that thing you always say you want to do. Not that that stuff isn't important - getting your ideas straight or jotting down ideas or planning your workout routine is essential if you want to do well at it. But it's not work. It's planning, preparation, scouting, sorting, outlining, or about a dozen other words that aren't "work."

To put it very bluntly, no one's ever gotten to the bus stop by thinking themselves there. So if you want to be somewhere, get off your ass and get to work.