Dear AT&T: For $800+ Dollars You Need To Also Get Deez Nuts

Tomorrow, my AT&T bill is due. I set up automatic bill pay last month. Today, I went into my AT&T account to make sure my automatic bill pay was set up correctly, and was greeted with this:

I have two active lines on AT&T - mine and my wife's. The 3rd number in the list was one the kind-but-stupid woman at the AT&T store set up because she couldn't get the port on my wife's line set up right then, and she assured me it'd be cancelled as soon as the port finished.

Well, it didn't. And it billed me last month as a new line. So I called and complained, they credited my account and assured me that number would be cancelled.

Again, it's not - but apparently, I got an early termination fee tacked on for the supposed cancel anyway - ON ALL THREE LINES.

I'm absolutely livid right now. The guy on the phone is trying to fix it, and can't seem to. And what's worse, I have an automatic bill pay set up and it's supposed to hit tomorrow, and we can't shut it off - so for 200 dollars worth of service, I'm going to pay 800 dollars and can't do a damn thing about it.

I'm about to have a stroke.


My customer service rep's name is Reason Phoneix. That name alone is worth all this hassle.

***Update 2***

Reason assures me that the bill will be corrected in 48-72 hours. The problem... The automatic bill pay is still scheduled. So now it's off to the land line department, since my bill is consolidated.

***Update 3***

Reason has stayed on the line with me. What a great guy. We've been teleported from the land line department to the automatic debit department to put a stop to the auto bill pay.

***Update 4***

Auto bill pay has been stopped - but tomorrow will tell the story on that. I don't trust AT&T at ALL on matters of "Okay, we promise this problem we've caused is going to be solved." But I do trust Reason Phoenix, who I am most definitely naming my child after. I get the feeling that there'll be an Update 5 tomorrow when my account is drained by over 800 bucks, or knowing AT&T, double that. And I definitely think there'll be an Update 6 in a month when the bills aren't actually corrected, and instead are now billing me for reactivation fees on top of deactivation fees on accounts I don't even own.