Complete Technology Meltdown

Yesterday was one of the most insane meltdowns I've ever experienced.

My laptop's hard drive has been acting a bit crazy lately, but late Monday night, it decided to take a crap all over itself - right in the middle of an iPhone sync, which pretty much destroyed that. Then, my printer asploded, my email server had a bug which marked all incoming and outgoing mail as "abuse" mail (which pretty much shut me down), and my car's electrical whatevers overloaded and fried my ipod dock's lighter connection.

And all of this on the absolute busiest week I've had in months work-wise.

The iPhone's been restored, the laptop has been dropped off at the Apple repair center, the iPod dock was replaced by the store (a bit unwittingly, but nonetheless), the printer's been replaced under warranty, and MediaTemple fixed my email issue. So it looks like the recovery effort is going well... Thank God my desktop still works, or else I wouldn't be able to get any work done, much less this blog po