Calling all NYC Friends... I Need A Favor

Later this month, an event is taking place in New York City that I won't be able to attend. And at this event, something monumental is going to be released and I won't be able to acquire said monumental thing.

It's absolutely paramount that I find a person to go in my place and attend this event in my honor, getting for me the special objects being released that day. I speak, of course, about the Nike x Transformers shoes, being released exclusively at House of Hoops in NYC:

Nike has gone and combined two of my "spend a shitload of money on them" things, making these shoes absolutely irresistable to me. And since I can't get up there, and since I know Ebay prices will be unfathomably awful, I'm willing to pay a premium of $100 extra per pair of size 13 Bumblebee, Megatron and Soundwave shoes.

So if you live in NYC, can get up to Harlem the day these are released, and get me one of each shoe, you'll score an extra $300 bucks for your trouble. Pro-rated to an hourly rate, that'll be about 150 an hour for your services, provided you take an hour lunch between arrival and actually purchasing them.

So who's gonna snag these for me?