That's It - No More First Mentally Incontinent

I've sold out of all the copies of the first Mentally Incontinent book I can sell. So if you didn't order one, I'm sorry to say that you'll likely not get one.

To all of those who HAVE ordered one and not received it yet, I'm still getting boxes of books in trickles and drips from various retailers, and am shipping out your orders as soon as I get the books to fill them. Rest assured, if you coughed up dough, you're getting one.

The hoodies, though, I can't promise. I'm nearly out, and as I get to orders that are asking for sizes I have left, I'm filling them. Emails are going out to folks who are one size away from what they asked versus what I have, to make sure it'd be okay to give them one of those.

Okay, break's over, I gotta get back to finishing my anniversary present to my wife - painting every room in the house we haven't painted yet.