Oh Boy A Book Release Party!

I'm taking an impromptu poll: 

So, what if I threw a book release party on November 7, 2009? Would you come? 

I wanted to do a small shindig for friends and family, like I did with the first book back in 2005. But then I got to thinking - we haven't really had a Mentally Incontinent party this year, and I've not done any book signings this year (not of any note anyway). And this is a pretty big thing for me; having a book published by a big publisher. So what if we put together an actual party for this release? How big would it be, who would drive / fly in, etc? Would it be a bar-type thing, a restaurant-type thing, a club-type thing? Obviously I'd bring books to sign, but how many? 20, 50, 100?

We've got five months to plan something, so that's plenty of time to begin thinking about location, times, etc. 

Leave a comment or email me if you'd come to something like that.