Fixing What Isn't Broken Just Breaks Things More

You've probably heard all you ever want to hear about the new iPhone 3.0 software. I won't be reviewing a single thing in this post, nor will I get into my grocery list of how many usability things didn't get fixed.

All I intend to do is point out that, in Mail, Apple has decided to put the full name of the mail account in the "back" arrow to get to the folders screen. And because you can't custom-name your mail account, the icon now stretches to the width of my account's name, which shoves the "INBOX" label over to the right and makes it all off-balance and PISSES ME OFF every single time I open my mail.

It wasn't like that before. But it is now. And because so much else works so damn well and is so thought out across the entire platform, this one little issue is personified a thousand fold.

I hate, hate, HATE unbalanced interfaces. They drive me absolutely batshit. And if there's one thing I hate more than unbalanced interfaces, it's interfaces that used to be balanced becoming unbalanced because someone got a stick up their ass and decided they'd fix something that wasn't ever broken in the first place.

Actually, this extends well past interfaces and into everything else ever. I cannot stand "improvements" made simply to change shit. Either improve it or leave it alone.

***Update 9:07PM***

My friend Mike Andrews gave me a much-needed reality check and told me how to fix the problem (mostly):
  • Medicine cabinet -> Valium
  • Settings -> Mail/Contacts/Calendar,
  • Pick a mail account,
  • Change "Description" to something much shorter....

Thanks Mike. Naming it "Me" makes it much smaller, and re-centers the "Inbox" label. But here's my thing: in 2.x, the description text in the button would just truncate to fit inside the button, leaving the "Inbox" label centered. Why the change? What drastic improvement (or even minor improvement) did printing the whole label inside the button and widening it bring to the interface?

I'll definitely accept the mud-on-face for not knowing to edit the description, but my point still remains. They shouldn't have done that.