Book Editing Highlights and Statistics

So, I just turned in (hopefully) the final edit of the new book. Throughout the process, I toon note of some of the more interesting statistics, most of which point to my lack of formal training in writing:

Overall page count:
  • before editing: 251
  • after editing: 210
  • what this means: I'm pretty verbose. 

Overall word count:
  • before: 71,324
  • after: 60, 462
  • what this means: See? verbose. 

Number of appendices and "about this somethingoranother" sections:
  • before: 5
  • after: 1
  • what this means: I don't think I need to explain as much as I thought I needed to explain to people who have no idea who I am. They'll figure it out, just like everyone else did. This pretty much shows how nervous I am about the book going out to bigger distribution.

Ellipsis (...) ending sentences or dialogue, to indicate trailing thoughts or pauses in narration:
  • before: 834 (holy shit)
  • after: 247
  • what this means: I fucking love me some ellipsis... Also, I tend to go direct from brain to paper without much thought on the actual mechanics of writing. Even after eight years, this is a problem. It also means that my editor is a saint for putting up with marking them all out.

"Smart Quote" errors (the quotes point the wrong way due to auto-formatting):
  • before: 33
  • after: 0 (I hope)
  • what this means: I'm too reliant on technology to format things for me. 

Amount of flat-out bad writing:
  • before: a whole, whole, whole lot
  • after: a whole lot
  • what this means: I are sucks writer. But editing helps.