Being the Nice Guy

The following is purely imaginary - how I imagine things must be. But I bet it's really, really hard being the "nice guy." 

You go around your entire life, and you always look for ways to make peoples' days brighter.  You make jokes, you smile, you compliment. You help people with things as mundane as opening a door when they're carrying stuff, to complicated things like technical support on their laptop or building them a website or designing logos for them. You always try to say a kind word if someone seems down, or help out people if they're angry or upset. And if someone has a bad day, and they haul off and insult you (or worse, hit you), you're the kind to just accept it and let it go, allowing them their moment of weakness. 

And because this is the way your life is led, over months and years of knowing people, the second you slip out of "character" and have a bad day yourself - not really in the mood to talk to someone, or angry enough to snap at a person for making a bad joking insult, you're instantly branded as having "snapped." You're the NICE guy, remember? You're not allowed to take a day off from that, no matter how bad things are that day... Or week, or month, or even year. You're expected to carry the load, and if you put it down even to rest for a moment, you're not who everyone thought you were.

I bet it must be rough, always having to be the grin-and-bear-it guy. I sure feel sorry for those poor suckers.