Ya, I'm Rockin' BK's... How Ya Like Me Now?

Yep. Those are British Knights I am holding. How 'ya like me now?

I had this exact shoe in 7th grade (circa 1989 or so), but it was black and white. A few days ago, I saw the re-release in my trademark colors on a vintage sneaker site and absolutely had to have them. So now I do. So what. Don't judge me. Whatever. I do what I want.

Check out this fantastic commercial for them:

That song (not even the real "How Ya Like Me Now" - the BK version in the video above) is forever lodged in my head. It brings me back to finer days. And of course, there's the one with MC Hammer:

SEE! MC Hammer endorsed them! That's how fucking great they were... For like 2 years.

British Knights were one of several brands of shoe that got SUPER hot, then died a quick death of such horrific proportions that it didn't matter how new they were, you simply did NOT wear them once they fell out of style (LA Gear is another brand that I can think of that fell in this category at the time). You'd get your ass kicked if you wore them (and not just because wannabe gangbangers who thought they were Bloods took offense). It was almost worse than wearing those awful K-Mart McGregor shoes... At least those were consistently awful. Wearing BK's after, say, 1990 was tantamount to being a poser.

Of course, I mowed yards all fucking summer to get them, so I wore them anyway. Fuck style, I liked them. Still do. Which is why I'm rockin' them in the aught nine. I just might bring back the high top fade while I'm at it.

And yep. That's Tegan and Sara I'm listening in the background.

I'm a girlyboy artjock. What do you want from me?