Super Huge Joe's Book Announcement, For Realz


Penguin has purchased the rights to the first Mentally Incontinent book. This is over and above the book deal we already struck for the new Mentally Incontinent book.

I know, right?

Lots of questions, I'm sure. So I'll go in order of the questions I asked when we began talking about the deal.


Well, the much-shorter-than-it-could-be version is that, quite simply, both books are titled Mentally Incontinent. Both books are created by the users who voted on the stories that go into them. Both books were born from the same website.

The first book sold a bunch of copies to a bunch of supportive people, who found me strictly through word-of-mouth and on the web. The new book will be on store shelves and marketed by Penguin to new folks.

Naturally, if you are brand new to the wonderful orange-tinted world that is Joe, there will be confusion
when you look for the books on Amazon and at the bookstore. The other side of it is that I self-published my first book, and Penguin is publishing my second. So, this makes me a competitor to my own publisher when people have to make a choice between which book to buy.

So to eliminate all the possible goofiness, Penguin bought the rights to the first book.

What this means for...

The Book itself:

Well, first and foremost, the first book is going out of print. Like, as of now. It will no longer be for sale through major bookstores and Amazon / Buy.com / etc. as of next week (whenever they sell out of their current stock, or return it all to me, whichever comes first). This means there will be no more new copies of the first book (as it exists currently or how I created it, at least). So, if you have an orange-cover copy... You now have a collector's item. And if you have a hardcover, you have a double-super-limited collectors item, as those were limited only to the pre-order buyers and have been out of print for the past 3 years (and before you ask, no, there are no more :) You'll have to resort to eBay, if ever someone decides to sell theirs)

Now, if you don't have a copy of the first book, there's one last shot to get one - I have about 220 copies that are coming back to me as "remnant stock" from stores / Amazon / etc, now that it's coming off the shelves. And I can clear these out myself, direct to you, but after that - they're gone. No more until Penguin publishes the first book (IF they publish it), which will be at least two years from now (18 months after the new Mentally Incontinent comes out, which will be November 3, 2009), and even then, it'll be an entirely different format - new cover, possibly changed content. So if you want a copy of the first book as it was created by the readers, now's your last chance.

I've reopened the MI shop page for just the book, and you guys can order it from there. So if you want one (or two) before they're gone, either:

a) Buy it now, or
b) email me to reserve a copy

Don't comment, don't DM me on Twitter, don't send me a Facebook message, and don't PM me on Mentally Incontinent. EMAIL me. Only purchases through the shop page and
email reservations will be honored, in that order. First come, first served, until they're gone.

Email reservations will be held for 7 days, after that, I gotta sell them. Sorry guys.

Also, I have some orange and grey hoodies left. If you want one, email me your size and you get one. No catches, if I have your size, it's yours just for ordering a book. :)

The actual stories:

The stories that are on this website right now can stay where they're at, and the Google Books version will stay up until either Penguin or I re-publish it and replace it with the new version. So it's not like it's going to vanish into thin air - the project you helped me build still exists, and everyone can still read it.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Well, I don't think it's a bad thing. I now have another book through Penguin, which is a good thing. And if the new book sells well enough, they're going to publish it and promote it, which is a good thing. Yeah, paper / e-book versions aren't going to be available for a while, and that could be considered a bad thing, but the Google Books version is still up - and that's a good thing.

So overall, I think it's a very positive thing. What do you guys think?