Prop 8 Upheld - A Victory, But For The Wrong Reasons

Prop 8 was just upheld in California.

The courts made the right decision. They decided that state's rights mattered more than federal mandate, and that each state has the right to decide these matters for themselves. This is the RIGHT CALL.

Unfortunately, the Religious Right and moral conservatives everywhere are going to chalk this up as a moral victory. And it's not - it's disgusting, wrong, stupid and about twenty other adjectives. I've written time and time again about how stupid it is that homosexuals can't get married, and I think it's absolutely gross that Prop 8 was victorious during voting.

But now that it's voted, the state - as a whole - has spoken. And the Federal government has no right to change it. So I applaud the victory for state's rights that took place today... And find myself sick as I type this, because I'm in an auto mechanic's lobby with Fox News playing on the tv, and everyone BUT me is cheering and hi-fiving for the decision. They're co-opting the victory for their moral convictions. I want to stand up and scream "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?" and I know it'll go nowhere. I won't reach them.