My morning at the airport! (By little Joe Peacock, Age 7)

I went to the airport this morning. There were airplanes flying over when I got there. That's because the airport is their home and that's where they sleep when they aren't flying. But they were flying this morning.

I went into the airport with my bags. They were not heavy. I had to give one bag to a person who promised me they would give it back when I got to Indann Indieo Indianapolis. Indianapolis is where racing cars was invented. It's also where basketball was invented. I saw that in a movie.

When I was waiting to give my bag to the person, I had to wait a long time. There were lots of people waiting with me. We were in a line. A line is where you wait politely for your turn to do the thing you are waiting to do. Everyone was very polite, except The Man. The Man had a blue tooth, but it was in his ear. He had a lot of product in his hair. He wore expensive clothes and his shoes cost more than mommy's car. He wasn't very polite to the man who worked for Delta.

The Man wanted to go ahead of the line where you wait your turn. He said he couldn't get the computers to work to check in and he wanted help. The man who worked for Delta said The Man could not cut line, because the people who were waiting politely were already there. The Man got loud. He talked funny, like he was from Jupiter, but mommy said he was probably from Brooklyn.

The other man who worked for Delta asked The Man to calm down and wait his turn. The Man shouted "Who the hell are you!" and told him to butt out. The other man who worked for Delta was probably friends with the man who worked for Delta. He walked away. He probably didn't want to get in trouble. He's not a very good friend. I wouldn't walk away from my friends when they were being yelled at. Mommy says that's called being an Admiral admirable.

The Man kept yelling at the man who worked for Delta. He demanded special treatment. I didn't think that was very fair, and I also didn't think The Man was going to go away anytime soon. I also had a really bad headache from getting up at 4:00AM to go stand around the goddamn airport, and had quite enough of this blowhard's fucking mouth, so I finally snapped and told him to shut the fuck up. He cocked his head and pointed his finger, and I immediately cut him off, telling him that before he got too wise, I wasn't in the mood to put up with his shit and was already on the airline's watch list for shoving another jackass who thought he was important enough to cut everyone off just because he could afford a pair of Berlutis. I then told him inbetween expletives to either shut up and get in line, or shove off.

People clapped. I didn't expect that. I was just very, very tired of his shit. He left, mumbling something under his breath. The man from Delta smiled and laughed. He told me that he'd been working there 23 years, and this was the first time he could remember where he was thanking the passenger for the help. I told him it was no problem and asked him where I could buy some aspirin.

The Man can suck my cock.

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