Like "Cyanide and Happiness?" Like me? You'll love this.

I guest-wrote yesterday's Cyanide and Happiness strip. I met the C&H guys at ROFLCon 2008, and they were super, super cool guys. Since then, I've talked with Matt Melvin quite a bit over email, and our conversations always end up being some scathing critique of Social Web 3.5 Internet SEO Whatever.

I was mowing the grass last week (first time in years), and the strip idea just popped in my head. I could ONLY see it working as a C&H strip, with those characters and that sensibility (honestly, the C&H guys are - to me - in the highest echelons of cartooning today. Simple, to-the-point, and FUNNY. They are right up there with PvP and Perry Bible Fellowship in terms of perfect execution in the medium today. I rank them somewhere around #19 on my all-time list, and considering the volume of comics and cartoons I've read my entire life, that's high, high praise). So I just jotted the "script" out and sent it to Matt, and told him if he hated it, to go ahead and block my email address and I'll never bother him again. But he liked it, and ran it.

I love those guys.

And if you're wondering, yes, this blog post is filler. I've already told Facebook and Twitter all about this. But the past week or so has been such that you REALLY don't want to read about anything I'd have to say that isn't directly pertaining to work. Because I'd just get all ranty and stabby on you. Hence the comic strip.