An entire day of AppleCare

First, I'd like to say that yes, I've finally joined the ranks of the iPhone elite. I was able to finally cancel out of my absurd-number-of-lines-with-Verizon contract, and get over to AT&T to get me a JesusPhone. And it's everything everyone's ever said it was, and more. I adore it.

Second, I'd like to say that MobileMe is absolutely fantastic for "push" email from gmail (or other non-exchange servers) to the iPhone. All of my email address route into gmail, so I simply foreward every email from gmail to my @me.com address and bing - I've got push email.

Third, I'd like to say that I love my Mac Pro.

Fourth, I'd like to say that I really appreciate the kind and respectful nature of the AppleCare staff. They're good, fine people, Stuart.

Now, with all that said, I swear to God if I have to call AppleCare one more fucking time today (or this week, or even this month) I'm going to explode and cause a mess so large, my wife will go insane trying to clean it and end up opening fire on a crowded mall.

The first long-story-short: MobileMe syncs your contacts, calendar, bookmarks, etc. with any computers tied to your account, as well as the iPhone. I have my Mac Pro, Macbook Pro and iPhone all talking to the account. For some reason today, the Macbook Pro decided to quit updating the calendar (and only the calendar) with MobileMe. I called AppleCare, and after about 20 minutes, I was directed to a livechat session with a MobileMe support person (who was very polite, but I do wish I could have just talked on the phone). After an hour and a half (yes, an actual hour and a half of another one), the MobileMe person finally figured out it was an iCal issue on the Macbook Pro. So I talked with an iCal specialist, and we finally figured it all out.

Second long-story-short: A few hours later, I got the AppleCare box I ordered for my new iPhone in the mail. So I hopped on my Mac Pro to register it, and one of the monitors was extremely dim. So I called AppleCare - for some reason, my Mac Pro IS under AppleCare, just not under my name. So we had to fix that. Then, I reset my PRAM and all was well with the computer. Unfortunately, I opted to let them go instead of just registering the iPhone right then.

And now, my third long-story-short, I went to the web form to register, and for whatever damn reason, the enrollment number that came in the box wouldn't work. So I called back.

I'm still on the phone with them right now. Have been for 50 minutes. The enrollment number that came in a sealed AppleCare box, which came in a sealed FedEx box, seems to have ALREADY BEEN USED.

I swear to God, I am the only person to ever need technical support on a cardboard box with a piece of paper in it.

So far, I've been on the phone with Apple a full 1/6th of a 24 hour day, working on 1/5th. I'm going crazy.

*** Update 9:16pm ***

Seems the serial number for the AppleCare box and the enrollment number don't match - perhaps a misprint on the insert? Who knows. All I know is that I'm sick of being the guy who ends up getting the extra special cases for technical support.

*** Update 9:30pm***

Well, I've been escalated. I can't believe this is actually happening. It's possible that there's an entire batch of boxes out there with misprints like this, they're checking on that. More than that, they're going to get back to me in 3-5 business days. To tell me if I can get a new number, or if I have to return this actual physical box with a KNOWN BAD NUMBER to get a new number. WHY THE FUCK CAN'T THEY JUST GIVE ME A NEW ENROLLMENT NUMBER NOW??? I know how databases work - it's simple. Just generate a new number, right here right now, and assign me to it. Better yet, just flag "enrolled=1" on my account with this iPhone and save me the fucking headache.

Gah. So yeah, in 3-5 business days, I'll get to find out of I have protection starting a year from now.

I'm betting that there is a bad batch of boxes. And I'm betting that, once again, I get to be the canary in the mineshaft for a bunch of people to figure out how not to do something.