Enough YYZ to make your ears explode (or make you wish they did)

I was surfing TotalFark, looking for mentions of North Korea's latest attempt to piss on the leg of the rest of the world, when I found this video of a (joke) high school band covering Rush's YYZ, but with a Baritone Sax. And it made me LOL, and it was good. In fact, I have watched it about 20 times now:

And from that, I found this 11 year old Japanese girl who arranged and performs the entire song all by herself on a gigantic keyboard with foot-pedals for the bassline, and it's impressive:

Which then led me to this 12 year old girl, Sara, playing YYZ on drums and doing one hell of a job of it:

Which then led me to Plastica, an all-toy-instrument tribute band, playing it in such a way that I just can't hate them as much as I want to:

Which then led to Rush appearing on stage at a Foo Fighter's concert to jam out with them on YYZ in Toronto (which, oddly enough, is the city marked YYZ for shipping and airlines):