The Next Big Joe The Peacock Project Is...

...going to be revealed soon!!! 

Hahah, I am such a tease. I suck. 

But yeah, I've made a deal with my followers on Twitter - as soon as I get 600 followers on Twitter, I'll reveal details on the Next Big Thing™. Some of you may have seen references to it in the past, but I'm not talking about just saying what it is. I mean posting actual details, getting feedback, and otherwise doing with it what I do with everything I do -- involving you in the process. 

And yeah, the followers-for-information trade is blatant whoring. And I don't regularly do blatant whoring. But I have a STRATEGY!!!! that involves getting a bigger Twitter and Facebook presence for when the book comes out in September, and this is one way to start working that out. 

So yeah, if you're wondering what I'm going to be doing now that the new Mentally Incontinent book is done, keep it tuned right here (or better yet, if you're on Twitter, follow me) and I'll be sharing shortly :)