Help Andrea kick the $#!+ out of cancer

TL;DR? Here's the direct link to Andrea's donation page for Team in Training.

Some, if not most, of you know that for a bunch of years now, Andrea and I have been involved with Team in Training, the world's first, best and largest charity sports training program. Basically, you go out and raise money by putting your body on the line in events like adventure races, marathons, 100-mile century bike rides and triathlons... Things that hurt. They're fun for you to watch, because we end up in pain and that's always funny. At least, that's what everyone who buys my books says.

Last year, we took a hiatus. I was busy trying to be a pro football player, and Andrea was spending 80 hours a week saving dogs and cats from horrendous conditions all around the country. But late last year, we got some news that kinda shook us a bit.

An old friend of mine (Farker Unfreakable)'s wife, contracted breast cancer.

While Team in Training is linked up with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and doesn't directly deal with breast cancer, this news really woke us up. Andrea still felt that we'd slacked too much. So she signed up for the Saint Anthony's Triathlon in St. Petersburg, FL and is running it in honor of Unfreakable's wife. And she needs your help.

Andrea in one of her bazillion marathons

So far, we've raised about $2000.00 of the $3100.00 goal to participate in the event. So we're turning to the interwebs to ask for your donations. No amount is too small - any and all amounts donated go right toward kicking the hell out of Cancer. We support the LLS and Team in Training because it is bar none the highest donation-to-cause ratio charity out there. And since TNT's inception, the survival rate of lymphoma and other blood cancers has skyrocketed. We've met some terrific people through this program, and have lost some terrific people in our lives to lymphoma and leukemia, so it's a cause we believe in heavily.

Whether you can donate or not, if you have someone in your life that has battled cancer and you would like a ribbon with their name attached to Andrea's jersey during the run and bike portions of her triathlon, email me and let me know. We'll make a ribbon for them and pin it on. Sorry, she's refusing to swim with the ribbon vest. She's such a whiner.

Anyway, thanks so much for reading this. You guys mean the world to me.