Field Notes are SO AWESOME.

I got my Field Notes color pack subscription today! Check it out:

Okay, I know... "It's just a memo pad." Shut up, because NO IT'S SO TOTALLY NOT JUST A MEMO PAD. 

You see, Field Notes are more than that. They're durable grid-line pocket-sized memo pads that actually hold up to abuse. Those haven't existed in my experience until Field Notes. Sure, I've seen Mead gridline memo pads, but they're just spiral-bound pieces of crap that rip up after a few days of sitting and standing. 

I've used the one my friend sent me for a week now and while there are creases in the notebook's spine, it's still very sturdy and holds up to Joe Abuse™. That's not small praise, my friends - that's hardcore. 

And also, I know that tattooed-out football-playing benchpressers-of-things aren't supposed to be all excited over things like shoes and memo pads... But consider that my tattoo is about Akira, a japanese manga / anime, and also consider that I'm an artsy-fartsy designer boy who writes stupid books. And if you still can't reconcile the artsyjock girlboy that I am, consider going and fucking yourself. Cause I love shoes and memo pads. So there.

And yes, that is a Battles t-shirt under the pads. I love shoes, memo pads, and Battles.