Back, and ready to fight

So, I've been really inconsistent with updating regularly the past 3 weeks. This is because I've been flying, driving and taking the bus all over places that don't have much in the way of internet. But I'm back home now, comfortably propped up in my own bed, with my own cats chewing on the power cord to my laptop and a delicious Coke Zero on my bedside table. It's time for a return to form.

In that spirit, I would like to issue a formal challenge:

I, Joe Peacock, publicly challenge Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity to a three-way handicap mixed martial arts match.

That's right, someone no one really knows or cares about has challenged the three heavyweights of the right-wing blabbertorium to a physical fight. And he's done so in a manner which would pit himself against all three of the morons all at once in a no-holds-barred fight, in a caged octagon. Yes, all three men can team up against me, the internet nobody, all at once or one at a time, I couldn't possibly care less which.

God, I want to pound the shit out of all three of these assholes.

And why? Why am I issuing this challenge? Because I'm just fucking sick of the shit. It's not that they're Republicans, or even right-wing -- most of my family fits both of those descriptions, and I don't want to beat their asses. No, it's because they're FUCKING COWARDS.

Bill O'Reilly is a coward. Rush Limbaugh is a coward. And Sean Hannity? He's a coward.

All three of these fucksticks sit behind cameras and microphones, loudly espousing nonsense which they know to be untrue, for the sole reason of getting paid to be in the limelight. They preach blatant lies to masses not smart enough to know they're lies, riling them up and stirring the pot in a time when we as a nation need to pull together, unify, and get through what is absolutely, without a doubt the roughest period of our generation.

I want them to stand up and defend themselves, without the cover of their producers and the ability to control the conversation, in an honest and fair debate over what is truly right for this nation. And because I know that will NEVER -- I repeat, NEVER -- happen, I'd like to do the next best thing. I'd like to fight them.

But I know not one of them could possibly have a prayer of taking me in the ring by themselves. So I'm going to allow all three of them to hop in at once and give it all they've got. Hell, they can bring a folding chair each as well. Won't make a fuck's bit of difference to me, because the very second I get carte blanche to punish these assholes for the consistent and deliberate damage they are doing to the weak-minded in our nation, it'd take the full force of Hell's army to hold me back.

So there you go. A formal challenge which will go nowhere whatsoever, made to three of the most deserving candidates for a beating I've ever seen in my life.

Seriously, my friends and readers, if you listen to any of these guys and take anything they say seriously, I weep for you. I feel the same way about most of what Olbermann says, but at least he's just espousing opinon, and backs up anything he claims to be fact with actual evidence. So it's not just a right-wing / left-wing thing. I hate anyone who adheres to political ideology as an identity and actively dismisses common sense. But I hate more those who actively manipulate the weaker of the species to do their bidding and sell their books.

So yeah, I wanna kick they ass, yo.