The yearly Valentine's Day rant

Every year, I rant about Valentine's Day being a ridiculous "holiday" where men buy cocoa-flavored objects and jewelry to keep up with the party line that these things on this day mean you love someone. This year, I decided to just talk a little bit about what I see love as.

I am a very happily married man of six years (seven in June).

We're happily married because we truly enjoy being with one another every single day of the year. Every day is a special day in our relationship. Just last night, we had pizza and watched Battlestar Galactica DVDs all night - something that means a lot to me, because my wife is anything BUT a geek. But she gave the show a try because she knew I'd enjoy watching it with her. It might as well have been Christmas.

The same goes with CSI on my end - not something I'd have ever picked up on my own (and used to make fun of), but she loves it, so I watch it with her. It's a special event for us.... It just so happens, that special event takes place whenever a CSI rerun is on.

We buy each other gifts whenever we find smething that we think the other one would love - sometimes, obvious gifts, and sometimes risks that end up being far from a bullseye... But the thought counts. I bought my wife a pair of binoculars during a grocery trip to Sam's Club the other day. She's not a hunter, never had an interest in spying... But her favorite spot on the planet is our back porch in the spring. She has bird and squirrel feeders all around the back yard because she loves watching the animals. So, I got her a pair of binoculars so she could watch them closer.

She loved them.

Today, on Valentine's Day, we'll spend the day together doing a CPR class for certification, then go hang out with our nephews. When we get home, we'll watch a little more Battlestar Galactica and gasp at all the dramatic moments and laugh at the silly parts and just plain enjoy being together. Just like every night.

Love takes work - HARD work - three hundred sixty five days a year. You have to work at it. That's the secret. You make the choice that you're going to sacrifice whatever it is going on at the moment in order to be with this person you love, because that makes them happy - and they do the exact same thing for you just as often as you do it for them. And it's not really an effort. You just do it.