Christian Bale going ballistic... And I completely sympathise

Tons of people are going apeshit over this supposed Christian Bale freakout. Apparently, his Director of Photography walked across a scene during filming, interrupting the entire shoot. And if his recording is accurate, it's the 2nd time it happened.

Now yeah, he says the naughty f-word a whole bunch, and threatens to kick ass... And yeah, if you've never ever been a part of a shoot of some sort, you'd think "oh, how unprofessional of Christian. He's a wacko lunatic, and he's off his rocker, and he's a jerk, and blah blah blah."

But if this guy is supposedly a pro, and he interrupts a scene like that, it's probably worth every word Christian had to say to him. I've never shot a movie in Hollywood - my biggest setups were about $10,000. And accidents do happen, and you have to reset and start over and toss out the film / video and get everyone back on focus and hope that things go smoothly.

But when it's because someone is just being careless (or worse, purposely fucking around), that frustration you feel now has a target. And there's more than once I've wanted to grab a goon by the neck and throw them through the windshield of a bus. And usually there was no bus around - but such was my anger, I'd seriously contemplate walking the fucker down the block by the neck until I found one, and then hurl him through it.

Whatever it is you do all day - whether serving tables or serving subpoenas or preparing lunches or preparing for surgery - imagine prepping for hours - HOURS - to get to the point of what it is you are about to do, and someone just mindlessly comes and slaps the food tray out of your hand, or warns your intended subpoena target and they bolt, or spills turpentine in your customers' soup, or sneezes into your patients' open chest cavity... And then, does it AGAIN.

Tell me you wouldn't want to kick the mucous out of their nose.