A very curious exchange

From a conversation on Facebook today:

Hello Joe,

Something I am just curious about. Back in 1994 1995 era, you and I hung out with the same people. Well in that time I moved to Florida and late in 95 I moved back up to Georgia.

We all hung out at [someone's] house and I never felt welcome after I moved back up here. I got the message and stoped coming around. After I started a facebook account I tried to reconnect with [someone] and [someone else] and they both said no to my request.

Just out of curiosity, what did I do to everybody to make them hate me?
The only reason I am asking you is that you were always willing to speak your mind. I have a feeling that has not changed over the years.

Just curious, [Person]

My response:

Hey [Person],

I'm thinking you might have the wrong Joe Peacock. I don't recall a [someone] or anyone named [someone else] that I hung out with for much time at all, and I only knew one [Person who wrote me] I went to school with, and we definitely weren't part of the same crowd.

It seems you went to [a different high school], graduated 1993. I was Mount Zion HS, class of 95. I know I wrestled kids from your school, but if I hung out with any from around that way, it was purely cursory.

Although, I will admit, there is a LOT about high school and that time in general I don't remember, so if I'm mistaken, forgive me.

One thing you definitely did get right, I do speak my mind. No one's ever been able to get me to shut up... If I were the Joe Peacock you were looking for, I'd definitely let you know what happened, and I think it's pretty weak that the guys you contacted were too cowardly to at least give you the score.

You didn't ask for it, but my advice - screw those guys. There's a lot of folks from my past who acted much the same way you were treated, and the one thing I figured out is that everyone has their own justifications for acting however they act, and at least in their own heads, they're justified. Which means they'll act as if they owe you nothing.

Hope things work out alright there.

His response:

Thanks for the reply. Have a great day.

Quite interesting. I feel bad for this guy... I know what it's like to be dropped for no reason. I haven't carried it with me as long as he seems to have, but hey, that kind of thing hurts. I just hope he figures out what happened (hopefully by finding the right Joe Peacock).