Snake Oil, 2009 edition

I got this incredible offer in my email today! For just $129, I'll learn the THREE SECRETS TO GETTING MY NON-FICTION BOOK PUBLISHED:

I also found it ironic that, in the 2nd bulleted upcoming webinar, you can pay $129 to learn what you need to know about self-publishing before you pay a dime.

Did you also know you can pay 60 dollars a bottle for this:

It's not just Hydroxycut, it's Hydroxycut HARDCORE!!!!! It's exercise in a bottle! And it's so fantastic, it's the #1 best selling weight loss supplement ever! Of course, all "best selling" means is that there were a terrific number of people who did the same thing for the same reason.

That reason? They want the benefits without the work. Same with that stupid webinar series up there, or model / talent searches, or those "I made $12,000 my first month!" work-from-home commercials...

How can you tell if something is bullshit? Easy: If they're selling you your dreams, they're full of shit.

Never trade money for your dreams. Go out and chase them down yourself.