Seth Godin on Bullies (for Adults)

It's happened again. I get into a conversation with a friend about something, and Seth Godin goes and posts on his blog about that exact topic, giving advice better than I ever could.

A good friend of mine has been dealing with a horrible, pushy coworker for a few months now. She takes crap from this guy daily. You know the type... Equal to her in status, but treats her like she's his employee (or worse, his whipping post). So while we were discussing it, I was giving her my natural, instinctive reaction ("give me the guy's address, I'll go show him where he can shove his TPS cover sheets..."), and Seth posts this gem about dealing with bullies in the workplace.

Un-freakin-canny. And his advice is, of course, miles better than mine could be because he's actually thinking about how to deal with it like an adult.

Me? I was raised around bullies all my life, both in school and in my family, and when I finally got old enough and big enough to dish it back out, I made damn sure to fight that fire with fire. It was my volunteer efforts around my high school that made it safe to play Dungeons and Dragons in the lunchroom in the mornings, or listen to silly alternative music, or be a gothy kid and not get your ass kicked by the jocks. So my natural instinct is to step on a toe or two when I see someone getting the shit-end of the stick.

That only works when you're someone like me - built like a bear and unafraid of concequences (or simply oblivious to them). So naturally, my big brother instincts kick in when I hear about a female dealing with some bully male (or even smaller dudes who have to put up with the fratboy jocular bullshit that pervades most white-collar atmospheres). So if you have a bully giving you shit, listen to Seth, he's absolutley right: stonewall them by simply refusing to play the game.